We’ve been operating a private health insurance exchange for more than 10 years. And it works. Our members benefit from multiple choices in quality health plans, full dental, vision plans, integrated life insurance and disability plans, voluntary benefits and more. Our plans are crafted specifically for the automotive, roads, fuel and related businesses. We lean on industry experts and experienced advocates to guide the way.

In a time when many employers are dropping healthcare—we’re leading the charge in making it affordable for your business. We know that for you to be successful, you need to recruit the best talent for your business. Healthcare plans help you achieve that.

We do it by taking on the administrative burden. We’ve streamlined it all and we’ve thought of everything for you. Don’t worry about glitches. Don’t worry about paperwork or security. We’ll take care of it.

  • Full compliance with all ACA-mandated regulations
  • Simply enrollment, improve data integrity and reduce administrative costs
  • Control costs with flexible funding approaches
  • Offer a wide range of benefit options, including health plan and ancillary products
  • Save thousands of dollars in administrative costs
  • Largest in-network access in the U.S.