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I am proud to say that my family’s business, Super Shine Auto Wash, were Founding Members of NARFA’s Automotive Industries Compensation Corporation (AICC) at inception in 1995. My father, Mike Gardner Sr. was also a past Board President, and we are proud to have such long term commitment and success with this group. [...]

Mike Gardner Jr., Super Shine Auto Wash

NARFA has been an instrumental resource through many years of business. Everyone there is willing to go above and beyond, what is expected from an association. This has really showed throughout the pandemic. When everyone was losing 60% or more of their business, stressed out and figuring how to move on, NARFA stepped up and worked harder to immediately respond with resources beyond what is available in ANY industry. [...]

Matt Kranz, Longmeadow Garage

When looking for a premium workers compensation carrier with competitive rates and services AICC through its sponsor NARFA overdelivers. Quirk Auto Dealers has been an active member of AICC together with NARFA 15 out of the 27 years that AICC has been providing a state profitable market for the workers compensation needs of the automotive industry.

As one of AICC’s largest members Quirk can attest to their competitive workers compensation premiums, returns in dividends, proactive claims management that has controlled our costs all combined with a dedicated team of claims and nurse case managers who are familiar with the automotive industry. They value their members and have always delivered industry specific safety services. Quirk is proud to be a member of this organization.

Sarah Foster, Quirk Auto Dealers

We have been with AICC since 2003, and I thought you and your team would like to know why! As we are all aware workers comp rates are set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, so policies as it relates to cost are basically the same. There may be a discount deviation between rates thus lowering the yearly upfront costs and that is it. [...]

Bill Johnson, The Johnson Groups

We appreciate the outstanding service and attention to any issues NARFA has provided to Walier Chevrolet for over 21 years. They review our current program each year and then meet with our employees to explain in detail what their benefits provide. NARFA really cares!

Joseph C. Walier, Walier Chevrolet

The NARFA support team is truly wonderful! Working with them is one of the best benefits of working with NARFA. A live person answers the phone – and we always get the answers we need for our employee benefit programs. This helps to free up our HR manager so that he can handle time-critical problems.

Philip R. LaRou Jr., Portsmouth Ford-Lincoln, Inc., Portsmouth KIA and Wiscasset Ford, Inc.

Our family has been in the automotive industry for decades, and for much of that time, now more than 20 years, we have trusted NARFA to provide us with the service and support we need so we can run our business knowing that we are getting the best programs for our employees and our family. [...]

Chad Walier, Walier Chevrolet

Joining the NARFA AICC Workers Compensation Program in 2007 was one of the best decisions for Wareham Ford. Their nationally recognized safety program, competitive pricing, and proactive claims management have proven invaluable. With their support, we’ve kept our employees safe, minimized downtime, and even prevented accidents. The unlimited loss control services and regular communications keep us informed and educated. Proud to be a member and looking forward to many more years of partnership.

Craig Barrett, Wareham Ford

We joined the AICC in 2006. From the very first year we saved over 20% our renewal premium, plus we qualified for a dividend on our premium based upon how well the plan had performed the prior year. We have received over $450,000 in dividend over the past 15 years. [...]

Jim Condon, Wagner Automotive Group

As both the owner of North Point Outdoors and a NARFA Board Member, I can confidently say that our nearly 10-year partnership has been transformative. From comprehensive health plans to seamless administrative support, NARFA has exceeded our expectations. Their dedication to addressing every concern and offering innovative solutions has made a significant impact on our business. Proud to continue supporting and recommending NARFA to fellow business owners.

Andrew P., North Point Outdoors

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