Empower Your Workforce with NARFA’s Exclusive Benefits

Everyday Coverage: Accidents, ER Visits and More
Ensure that your employees are covered for daily uncertainties, from accidents to emergency room visits.

Budget-Friendly Financial Support: Exceptional Coverage at Reasonable Rates
Provide robust financial support for your employees without breaking your budget.

NARFA Exclusive: Specialized Benefits for Members
These beneficial programs are exclusively available to businesses that are NARFA members.

Uncover the Flexibility of NARFA’s Voluntary Benefits for Your Business

Seamless Integration: Harmonize With Existing Medical Plans
Our voluntary benefits fit effortlessly into your current medical plans, making administration simpler for you.

Transparent Pricing: No Hidden Costs
Rest easy knowing that all costs are upfront and transparent, making financial planning more predictable for your business.

Part-Time Eligibility: Inclusive Accident Insurance
Our accident insurance coverage extends to part-time employees, adding a layer of inclusivity to your benefits package.

Comprehensive Offerings: From Physical Therapy to Lodging
With benefits that include physical therapy, lodging, and more, your employees will have robust options to choose from.

Specialized Insurance Programs for Critical Illness: Financial Support During Severe Health Conditions
This program provides comprehensive coverage for your employees during major critical illnesses, including for part-time staff.

Accident Insurance: Financial Safety Net for Emergencies
Offer your employees peace of mind by covering common emergency situations, such as ER visits.

Exclusive Membership Benefits: Contact Us to Learn More

If you’re a NARFA member, take advantage of these exclusive benefits designed to enrich your business’s existing benefit offerings.

Disability Insurance

Steady Income: Short-term Disability Insurance Explained
Short-term disability insurance provides your employees with partial income replacement if they are unable to work due to qualifying illnesses or injuries, for periods ranging from a few days to several weeks.

Achieve Peace of Mind: Long-Term Disability Coverage
With long-term disability insurance, ensure that your employees are taken care of financially should they become disabled for an extended period.

Financial Security: Cover Medical Bills and Living Expenses
Keep financial devastation at bay by helping your employees cover medical bills and daily living expenses through our disability insurance options.

Hassle-Free Enrollment: Easy Steps to Get Covered

Personalized Service: Speak With A Customer Representative
Our friendly customer service team is here to help you find the right insurance solution for your business.

Transparent Quoting: No Hidden Fees
Get a comprehensive quote with no hidden costs or clauses. What you see is what you get.

Immediate Coverage: Sign and You’re Covered
Your employees are immediately covered from the moment you sign the papers and make a payment.

Real-Life Scenarios: Why Disability Insurance Matters

Car Accidents: Secure Income During Recovery
If an employee becomes immobilized due to a car accident, our disability insurance ensures a steady income stream during their recovery period.

Sudden Disability: Short-term Coverage for Unplanned Events
From a thrown-out back to an immobilizing injury from heavy machinery, short-term disability insurance provides financial security.

Prolonged Illness: Coverage for Extended Hospital Stays
If an employee faces a long-term illness requiring a prolonged hospital stay, their bills can continue to get paid thanks to our disability insurance.

It covers your every day.

Accidents, ER visits and more.

It won’t break the bank.

Get financial support at a reasonable price.

It’s exclusive.

These benefits are only offered to NARFA members.

Discover the flexibility of voluntary benefits.


Everything integrates into current medical plans for your convenience.

Simple pricing

There are no hidden costs.

Part-time eligible

For accident insurance.

Rich benefits

Including physical therapy, lodging and more.