Tailored Health Plans For Multiple Industries

HSAs are tax-favored savings accounts designed to be used in tandem with high deductible health insurance plans. These accounts serve multiple purposes:

Cover Medical Expenses

Use your HSA dollars to cover your health insurance deductible and other qualified expenses, extending to those not included in your main plan, like dental and vision care—essential for anyone interested in comprehensive Automotive Industry Health Care Benefits.

Pre-Tax Contributions

Your contributions are made pre-tax, reducing your taxable income and providing immediate savings.

Tax-Free Growth

Your HSA grows tax-free, and there’s no penalty for this growth, making it an efficient way to save for healthcare costs, particularly useful for those under working in the automotive sector.

Wide Range of Medical Expenses

Your qualified medical expenses are broad-ranging, from basic healthcare to specific needs covered under Employee Benefits.

How HSAs Work

Tax-Free Payments

Contributions and withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are never taxed.


The money in your HSA is yours to keep until you use it, offering flexibility and security.

Family Inclusive

Utilize your HSA to cover medical costs for anyone you claim on your taxes.


After age 65, your HSA becomes a convenient vessel for additional retirement savings, permitting withdrawals without penalties for non-medical expenses.

Career Mobility

Have you saved a substantial amount in your HSA and contemplating a career switch? Rest easy. Your HSA funds can follow you into your new role, even if it’s in a different sector.

Family Matters: Health Savings Accounts for Families

HSAs aren’t just for individual employees. Use these accounts to cover qualified medical expenses for family members you claim as dependents, extending the benefits to your loved ones.

Future-Proof Your Finances

Your HSA isn’t just a healthcare account; it’s a versatile financial tool. After age 65, you can withdraw your HSA funds for any purpose without penalty, adding another layer to your retirement planning, and maximizing your employee benefits.

Switch to an HSA today and take control of your healthcare expenses, while enjoying the various perks and benefits that come with a NARFA membership.