What we mean when we say… [5-7 words]

Affordable Health Insurance Plans 
Affordable health insurance plans provide financial safety nets for a variety of medical expenses with lower monthly costs.

Group Health Insurance Plans 
Group health insurance plans offer an additional set of benefits to a select group of individuals.

Automotive Association (Automotive, Roads, Fuel and Related Industries) 
An automotive association is a member service organization open to businesses and employees within the automotive, roads, fuel and related industries which provides a full range of insurance benefits.

Automotive Employee Benefits 
Automotive employee benefits are benefits given to those who work in the automotive industry, and may include health insurance, dental, life insurance, and more.

Business Insurance Quote 
A business insurance quote is an estimation of costs associated with providing a business with insurance.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance 
Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical expenses and employee benefits arising from injuries in the workplace.

“We appreciate the outstanding service and attention to any issues NARFA has provided to Walier Chevrolet for over 21 years. They review our current program each year and then meet with our employees to explain in detail what their benefits provide. NARFA really cares!”

JOSEPH C. WALIER, Walier Chevrolet

“We have been totally pleased with all of our business with NARFA for several years. The NARFA group is the most professional, responsive and knowledgeable organization with whom we have ever had a relationship.”

DAVE DELANEY, Dave Delaneys Columbia Buick Pontiac

“In this age of automation, it’s nice to get your questions answered by a live person. Awane provides big company benefits with small company service!”

KEN PLANTE, Tri-City Dodge/Subaru

“NARFA has been a partner with Motor Supply for many years. The level of service is second to none. NARFA’s service exceeds all expectations.”

BOB YORK, Graffmans, Inc./Motor Supply

“The NARFA support team is truly wonderful! Working with them is one of the best benefits of working with NARFA. A live person answers the phone – and we always get the answers we need for our employee benefit programs. This helps to free up our HR manager so that he can handle time-critical problems.”

Philip R. LaRou Jr., Portsmouth Ford-Lincoln, Inc., Portsmouth KIA and Wiscasset Ford, Inc.