What They Say Behind Our Backs

I have been involved with NARFA for about 20-years. They run one of the best health and welfare arrangements for their members that I have seen. They are compliance focused and customer responsive. Their internal staff is professional and knowledgeable. NARFA goes out of its way to provide services to its members and assist them in solving lots of problems that many other associations would ignore.

Tess F.

NARFA, not only provides amazing benefits to it’s members, but they are always looking for new and better ways that they can serve the membership. The service that they provide are unparalleled and the staff is amazing.

William K.

I have had the pleasure of working with the NARFA team for the better part of 15 years. They are professional, responsive, courteous and incredibly knowledgable. The benefits that they bring to the NARFA membership are second to none. I highly recommend any business in the automotive, roads and fuel industries to consider NARFA.

Vinnie D.

NARFA has been a professional organization ran by great people for many years. Our family business has relied on NARFA for many insurance needs.

Jesse K.

There is no waiting on hold for long periods of time. The customer service at NARFA is exceptional!

Alicia J.

NARFA offers health insurance and employee benefits for the automotive, road, fuel and related industries. The NARFA team is incredibly helpful at finding the right healthcare and employee benefits plan to meet the needs of your organization.

Josefine N.