For over 90 years we have been serving the automotive, roads, fuel, and other related industries through our industry advocacy, legislative voice, buying power for employee benefits, and much more.

At NARFA, Membership Matters

We Listen – When you tell us what you need to be competitive employers in your communities, we get out there to find cost-effective solutions for you.

  • We Advocate:  NARFA is campaigning for your business needs and ensures your business is heard in legislation. The communication you provide to us empowers our legislative voice for your business.

  • We Grow: Business associations are stronger in numbers. Your membership connects you to other like-minded businesses networks and leverages buying power for everyone.

  • We Respect: NARFA is committed to respecting the work you do in your business; our job is to support you – not sell you. Rather, we extend exclusive programs and benefits to members.

  • We Connect: Our NARFA Representatives work tirelessly to ensure that you don’t have to navigate all of the red tape of bureaucracy all the while committed to your privacy, security, and compliance when enrolling in programs.

  • We Innovate: NARFA uses systems that streamline your enrollment process, effectively manage programs and employ time-saving technology to address your needs immediately



For automotive, roads, fuel, and related businesses!

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I have been involved with NARFA for about 20-years. They run one of the best health and welfare arrangements for their members that I have seen. They are compliance focused and customer responsive. Their internal staff is professional and knowledgeable. NARFA goes out of its way to provide services to its members and assist them in solving lots of problems that many other associations would ignore.

Tess F.

NARFA, not only provides amazing benefits to it’s members, but they are always looking for new and better ways that they can serve the membership. The service that they provide are unparalleled and the staff is amazing.

William K.

I have had the pleasure of working with the NARFA team for the better part of 15 years. They are professional, responsive, courteous and incredibly knowledgable. The benefits that they bring to the NARFA membership are second to none. I highly recommend any business in the automotive, roads and fuel industries to consider NARFA.

Vinnie D.

NARFA has been a professional organization ran by great people for many years. Our family business has relied on NARFA for many insurance needs.

Jesse K.

There is no waiting on hold for long periods of time. The customer service at NARFA is exceptional!

Alicia J.

NARFA offers health insurance and employee benefits for the automotive, road, fuel and related industries. The NARFA team is incredibly helpful at finding the right healthcare and employee benefits plan to meet the needs of your organization.

Josefine N.


We provide studies and advice to keep you and your employees happy and healthy. We want to keep you up and running and so we pledge to our members that their voices are heard and the information that they need is at their fingertips. We want your business to be informed to empower you and your employees.

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NARFA v. the other guys

NARFA offers the best services and rates to our customers. We work with more than 600 businesses, and because of our membership we provide the best options from the best service providers in the nation. This group buying power allows us to pass savings on to our customers, keeping the rates of our plans highly competitive. Because of our vast membership, we have the power to negotiate rates directly with the carrier and provide better networks and plan designs.

What are the benefits of group health insurance plans?

With our group health insurance plans, you’ll be supplied with a range of options to keep your personalized to your business needs. Members of our group health insurance plans will also enjoy personal customer service—our phones are always answered by a person, and each business will be assigned an account representative. As always, our group health insurance plan participants can also enjoy better rates and lower cost prescription drug programs.

NARFA Benefits Continue

We help build financial safety nets through long and short-term disability plans, as well as life insurance, should a fatality occur at work. NARFA also offers custom voluntary benefits to further protect employees against accidents, critical illness, and more. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides support for mental health, substance abuse, financial stress and more.