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With over 90 years of dedication, we empower our industries through advocacy, legislative representation, and exclusive member benefits. Our members form the core of our organization, enabling us to leverage group buying power for improved pricing on employee benefits programs and more, unavailable on the open market. If your business owns a fleet of 5 or more vehicles, you are invited to join us.

Who We Are

NARFA, a trade association with nearly a century of experience, supports businesses in the automotive, roads, and fuel sectors, including those with fleets of 5 or more vehicles. Our members enjoy exclusive access to competitively-priced employee benefits, workers’ compensation, pension plans, and comprehensive HR support. As a leading US trade association, NARFA advocates for our industries on national issues and fosters growth through strategic partnerships and endorsements with other industry associations.

We are proud of being one of the strongest trade associations in the United States serving our members’ needs.

Industries We Serve

NARFA provides a unique opportunity for businesses in various industries, with fleets of 5 or more vehicles, to come together as part of our association. Leaders across multiple sectors can benefit from the collective knowledge and programs shared within this community.

NARFA Members Include:

Automotive DealersAutomotive Repair and PartsBus LinesCar WashesConstructionFreight LandscapingManufacturingMoving and StorageOil and GasPaving / RoadsPlumbing / Heating / CoolingPropane IndustryService StationsTransportationTrucking& Much More!

Car WashesConstructionFreight

LandscapingManufacturingMoving and Storage

Oil and GasPaving / RoadsPlumbing / Heating / Cooling

Paving / RoadsPropane IndustryService Stations

TransportationTrucking& Much More!

How To Join

Empower Your Business with NARFA
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NARFA presents Covered Insurance, a digital insurance marketplace.

Covered can help you get competitive rates for your renters, auto, and home insurance needs.

Group Buying Power

A significant advantage of NARFA’s exclusive rates is that our group buying power allows smaller businesses to enjoy the same benefits as larger businesses. By joining NARFA, small and medium-sized enterprises gain access to the same pricing and programs as larger companies, without having to negotiate on their own or compete against bigger businesses for better rates. NARFA Programs Include:

Exclusive Health Plans Through Blue Cross Blue Shield

Workers Compensation in Massachusetts

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Voluntary Benefits

Dental Plans

Integrated Life Insurance

Unlocking Value: Empower Your Business, Enhance Your Benefits

NARFA offers exclusive, cost-effective programs that combine affordability, quality, and accessibility. Our portfolio includes health plans, pension plans, dental and disability insurance, workers’ compensation, and more. By leveraging group buying power, NARFA provides negotiated rates typically reserved for larger companies. Members benefit from significant savings, HR support, compliance expertise, and advocacy at local and national levels, resulting in a net gain that surpasses membership costs.

  • Access to exclusive rates for businesses of all sizes

  • Significant savings through group buying power

  • Comprehensive support via NARFA Benefit Center

  • Membership value surpassing cost

  • Advocacy for industries at local and national levels

  • Exclusive health plans and Health Savings Accounts

  • Comprehensive and exclusive ancillary insurance lines

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Life Insurance plans available

  • Workers Compensation in Massachusetts

  • Exclusive dental plans

Member Testimonial

As both the owner of North Point Outdoors and a NARFA Board Member, I can confidently say that our nearly 10-year partnership has been transformative. From comprehensive health plans to seamless administrative support, NARFA has exceeded our expectations. Their dedication to addressing every concern and offering innovative solutions has made a significant impact on our business. Proud to continue supporting and recommending NARFA to fellow business owners.

Andrew Pelkey, Owner, North Point Outdoors

Joining the NARFA AICC Workers Compensation Program in 2007 was one of the best decisions for Wareham Ford. Their nationally recognized safety program, competitive pricing, and proactive claims management have proven invaluable. With their support, we’ve kept our employees safe, minimized downtime, and even prevented accidents. The unlimited loss control services and regular communications keep us informed and educated. Proud to be a member and looking forward to many more years of partnership.

Craig Barrett, Owner, Wareham Ford

The Johnson Groups have been with NARFA and the AICC since 2003, and it’s more than just savings on policy premiums. Their focus on safety, quick claims resolution, and genuine care for employees sets them apart. The thorough facility inspections ensure a safe work environment, and in the rare event of an incident, they prioritize getting employees back to work swiftly. Unlike other providers, I’ve always received prompt communication and support. While dividends are appreciated, nothing outweighs the importance of safety and employee well-being. I am proud to have served on the Board of this organization as well, and we look forward to many more years with the AICC!

Bill Johnson, President, The Johnson Group

Since joining AICC in 2006, we’ve saved over 20% on our renewal premiums and received dividends totaling over $450,000 in 15 years. Despite periodic quotes from other insurers, AICC remains our top choice for workers’ compensation. Their dedicated nurse case managers and claims adjusters ensure top-notch care for injured employees and facilitate their return to work. With a focus on safety, their Loss Control Manager conducts thorough facility inspections and offers ongoing support. Plus, through NARFA, we have access to valuable resources like the Employee Assistance Program. Our partnership with AICC and NARFA is invaluable, offering competitive premiums and unparalleled services.

James P Cordon, Director of Human Resources and Risk Management, Wagner Motors

When looking for a premium workers compensation carrier with competitive rates and services AICC through its sponsor NARFA overdelivers. Quirk Auto Dealers has been an active member of AICC for almost 20 years. The AICC has been providing a state profitable market for the workers compensation needs of the automotive industry. Quirk can attest to their competitive workers compensation premiums, returns in dividends, proactive claims management that has controlled our costs all combined with a dedicated team of claims and
nurse case managers who are familiar with the automotive industry. They value their members and have always delivered industry specific safety services. Quirk is proud to be a member of this organization.

Sarah Foster, HR Manager, Quirk Auto Dealers

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