The Best Employee Benefits for Trucking Companies

Unbeatable Employee Perks: NARFA Memberships give you access to better rates on employee benefits programs, including lower health insurance rates, an employee assistance program, & much more.

Why Trucking Companies Choose NARFA For Employee Benefits

Navigating the fluctuating landscape of the trucking industry can be challenging. Between skyrocketing operational costs, labor market struggles, and the need for robust employee benefit programs, your company has a lot to manage. That’s where NARFA steps in. Our tailored services are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses like yours in Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Here are some ways a NARFA membership can help:

  • Affordable Employee Benefit Programs: With NARFA, trucking companies of any size can access premium employee benefits at exclusive, negotiated rates, generally only available to large corporations.
  • Group Savings: Leverage NARFA’s group buying power for significant savings on health insurance PPO plans, health insurance HSA plans, and more.
  • Expert HR & Administrative Support: The NARFA Benefit Center acts as an extension of your HR department, offering compliance expertise, enrollment navigation, and additional support services.
  • ROI-Positive Membership: The savings businesses get with NARFA programs is more than the cost of membership.
  • Advocacy: We represent the interests of your business both locally and nationally, playing an active role in automotive and trucking associations to shape policies beneficial for our members.

Exclusive NARFA programs for Trucking Companies

NARFA has carved out a niche by offering exclusive programs specifically tailored for trucking companies.

By partnering with NARFA, you gain a competitive edge with programs unavailable on the open market or through traditional brokers. Unlock the potential for tremendous cost savings and enhanced employee satisfaction today.

Exclusive Health Plans Through Blue Cross Blue Shield

Workers Compensation in Massachusetts

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Voluntary Benefits

Dental Plans

Integrated Life Insurance

Helping your business thrive

At NARFA, Membership Matters

At NARFA, we’re not just another business association. We listen to our members and work tirelessly to find cost-effective solutions that help your business thrive in your community.


With NARFA by your side, your voice resonates through local and national legislative chambers. As a staunch advocate for Automotive Trade Associations, Fleet Trade Associations, Trucking Associations, and more, we use member input to empower our advocacy efforts. You can trust us to fight for policies that foster longevity and success in the automotive industry.


As a cornerstone in Automotive Employee Benefits, NARFA has served its members for nearly a century. Our track record speaks volumes; on average, members—including those in auto repair trade and towing associations—stay with us for 20 years or more, benefiting from exclusive Automotive Industry Health Care Benefits in Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Virginia, Ohio, and Wisconsin, plus Massachusetts Workers Compensation programs.


At NARFA, we recognize the power of numbers. We actively connect our members to a network of like-minded businesses across industries. This coalition enables us to leverage group buying power for Health Insurance PPO, Health Insurance HSA, and Self-Insured Health Plans, benefiting everyone involved.


We are committed to offering more than just programs; we offer steadfast support. Our focus is to provide valuable resources that enable business growth, including Employee Benefits, Health Insurance, Employee Assistance Programs, and more. Our exclusive member programs are designed with your business’ expansion in mind.


Navigating through bureaucratic red tape can be daunting. Our NARFA Representatives are committed to simplifying this process for you. Whether you’re enrolling in a health insurance program in Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin, or looking for Massachusetts Workers Compensation, we ensure your privacy, security, and compliance every step of the way.


Our approach is always strategic, whether we are selecting the perfect employee benefit programs or optimizing technology to make your business processes more efficient. From Employee Benefits to Health Insurance, we choose plans that align with your specific needs.


ROI is top-of-mind for most businesses. At NARFA, the cost-saving advantages you’ll enjoy from our Association Health Plans and other exclusive programs will more than offset your membership fees. Experience tangible savings and grow your business with NARFA.

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