Unlocking Superior Workers’ Compensation Solutions

NARFA’s Automotive Industries Compensation Corporation (AICC) program offers a self-insured Workers’ Compensation solution, available to businesses with a fleet of 5 or more vehicles operating in Massachusetts. With board approval required for membership, AICC ensures a managed and accountable community, delivering superior benefits to all its members.

Unmatched Workers Compensation Benefits You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Get the Discounts You Deserve

Enjoy up-front premium discounts when you join the AICC program, optimizing your financial efficiency.

Rewards with Earned Dividends

AICC has rewarded its members with millions in dividends since its establishment in 1995. We share our success with you.

Industry-Specific Loss-Control Services at No Extra Cost

Our top-tier loss-control services are specifically tailored to your industry, reducing risks and costs, all without any additional fees.

Immediate and Proactive Claims Management

With a medical management team that makes contact within 24 hours of a claim, we handle every aspect from the outset, ensuring fast and effective resolutions.

Round-the-Clock Online Claims Access

Stay informed with 24/7 online access to your claim statuses, putting you in control every step of the way.

Available Employee Assistance Program

This excellent program adds another layer of support for you and your employees during difficult times.

Exceptional Customer Service and Compliance

Experience best-in-class customer service with our dedicated team, ensuring full compliance and peace of mind.

A Managed Membership for Quality Assurance

Joining AICC involves strict guidelines and board approval, maintaining a high standard for all participating members.

Nationally Recognized Safety Culture

NARFA has cultivated a safety culture that has gained national recognition, making the AICC group a leader in workplace safety.

Strength in Numbers

Join the ranks of over 250 companies who are already enjoying the power of collective bargaining and shared benefits in NARFA’s AICC group.

Incredible Member Retention

With a 99% member-retention rate and an average of 40% savings since inception, AICC stands as a testament to member satisfaction and financial efficacy.

Experience the advantages of a program built with you in mind. For the ultimate in Workers’ Compensation coverage, partner with NARFA’s AICC program today.

monitorQA is a valuable addition to the AICC program. It is a mobile inspection software that streamlines compliance audits, and improves your health, safety, and quality standards.

Super Shine Auto Wash on the AICC

I am proud to say that my family’s business, Super Shine Auto Wash, were Founding Members of NARFA’s Automotive Industries Compensation Corporation (AICC) at inception in 1995. My father, Mike Gardner Sr. was also a past Board President, and we are proud to have such long term commitment and success with this group. [...]

Mike Gardner Jr., Super Shine Auto Wash

Wareham Ford on the AICC

As a second generation Dealer at Wareham Ford and a proud member of AICC/NARFA since 2007, I would like to pass on my business relationship experiences between the two companies. Wareham Ford is an owner operated company and operates with the family values of their employees in mind. [...]

Craig Barrett, Wareham Ford

The Johnson Groups on the AICC

We have been with AICC since 2003, and I thought you and your team would like to know why! As we are all aware workers comp rates are set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, so policies as it relates to cost are basically the same. There may be a discount deviation between rates thus lowering the yearly upfront costs and that is it. [...]

Bill Johnson, The Johnson Groups

Wagner Motors on the AICC

We joined the AICC in 2006. From the very first year we saved over 20% our renewal premium, plus we qualified for a dividend on our premium based upon how well the plan had performed the prior year. We have received over $450,000 in dividend over the past 15 years. [...]

Jim Condon, Wagner Automotive Group

Quirk Auto Dealers

When looking for a premium workers compensation carrier with competitive rates and services AICC through its sponsor NARFA overdelivers. Quirk Auto Dealers has been an active member of AICC together with NARFA 15 out of the 27 years that AICC has been providing a state profitable market for the workers compensation needs of the automotive industry. [...]

Sarah Foster, Quirk Auto Dealers

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