Affordability Meets Flexibility in Dental Benefits

For businesses in the automotive and related sectors, including businesses with a fleet of 5 or more vehicles, NARFA provides a dental program that truly align with your needs. We offer plans that guarantee you not only affordability but also freedom of choice, seamless onboarding, and unparalleled protection.

Generous Benefits: Exceptional Coverage Per Calendar Year, Per Individual
NARFA’s dental programs offer generous benefits that cover your employees all year long.

Orthodontic Coverage: More Options For Employees
Orthodontics can be a necessity at any stage of life. Our plans give your employees access to orthodontic care.

Restorative Services: Coverage for Both Basic and Major Treatments
From fillings to crowns, our dental programs provide extensive coverage for both basic and major restorative services.

How NARFA Dental Programs Work

Choose Your Dentist: Freedom and Flexibility
Choose your preferred dentist and enjoy hassle-free appointments.

Direct Reimbursement: Checks Go Straight to Employees
Forget the red tape. Get your claims paid directly to you, not to the dentist.

Quick Claims Processing: No Paperwork, No Delays
Experience the convenience of having your claims processed and paid within just one week.

Exceptional Customer Service: Access Dedicated Support Specialists
Our team of dedicated support specialists is always here to assist you with your needs.

Get Reimbursed, Fast
See your dentist for a variety of treatments and get reimbursed quickly and efficiently. All it takes is an itemized bill from your dental visit.

Leverage Membership for Low Rates and High Discounts
The power of NARFA’s large membership base translates to major savings for you in the form of lower rates and significant discounts.

Full Dental Coverage: Comprehensive and Customizable Options

Our dental programs cover everything from diagnostic and preventive services to basic and major restorative work, plus optional orthodontic coverage if you elect for it.


Per calendar year, per individual.


You could need it at any time.


For basic and major treatments.

How it works

Choose your dentist.

Your choice. No hassle.

You get paid.

Checks go to employees, not the dentist.

No paperwork

Get paid within a week.

Incredible service

Access dedicated support specialists.

Get reimbursed, fast.

See your dentist for a range of treatments. After your treatment, collect an itemized bill. Simply submit this to the insurance provider and get paid within one week.

Low rates, high discounts.

NARFA delivers real power in membership. Because of our vast membership base, we benefit from major savings in the form of lower rates and impressive discounts.

Full coverage

Our dental plans cover diagnostic and preventive services, basic restorative and major restorative services, and periodontal services, plus optional orthodontic coverage if elected.