Boost your benefits.

Customize your insurance plan to meet your needs.

The voluntary benefits programs deliver even greater flexibility. Boost your already-rich benefits offerings with added coverage, such as critical illness and accident insurance. Each of these additions integrates seamlessly with existing plans, at exceptional value.

It covers your every day.

Accidents, ER visits and more.

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It won’t break the bank.

Get financial support at a reasonable price.

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It’s exclusive.

These benefits are only offered to NARFA members.

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Discover the flexibility of voluntary benefits.


Everything integrates into current medical plans for your convenience.

Simple pricing

There are no hidden costs.

Part-time eligible

For accident insurance.

Rich benefits

Including physical therapy, lodging and more.

Critical illness

Reduce your expenses in the event of a critical illness. This program is eligible to all members, including part-time employees. And it covers every major critical illness.

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Accident insurance applies to common situations, such as ER visits. It minimizes your stress by providing financial support during an emergency, and throughout the recovery process.

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These benefits are only provided to NARFA members. Contact us to learn more.

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