Access maximum dental coverage.

Affordability meets flexibility

Finally, dental insurance benefits that meet your needs – without breaking the bank. Just like any other industry, businesses within automotive and related industries need dental coverage. Every plan we negotiate gives you freedom of choice, a streamlined onboarding experience, and exceptional protection.


Per calendar year, per individual.


You could need it at any time.


For basic and major treatments.

How it works

Choose your dentist.

Your choice. No hassle.

You get paid.

Checks go to employees, not the dentist.

No paperwork

Get paid within a week.

Incredible service

Access dedicated support specialists.

Get reimbursed, fast.

See your dentist for a range of treatments. After your treatment, collect an itemized bill. Simply submit this to the insurance provider and get paid within one week.

Low rates, high discounts.

NARFA delivers real power in membership. Because of our vast membership base, we benefit from major savings in the form of lower rates and impressive discounts.

Full coverage

Our dental plans cover diagnostic and preventive services, basic restorative and major restorative services, and periodontal services, plus optional orthodontic coverage if elected.