Employee Assistance Program

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The NARFA Employee Assistance Program is a benefit for NARFA subscribers and their dependents through the NARFA Insurance Trust Program, which assists you if you need help regarding issues regarding personal matters, such as work performance or challenges in your life. If you feel like there are challenges that are overtaking your life, this is the place to start to overcome those challenges.

Take a look at some important aspects of the NARFA Employee Assistance Program and how you can help employees in need.

As a manager or supervisor, there are critical components of the NARFA Employee Assistance Program that are important to know.

The NARFA Employee Assistance Program is a great benefit available to you as part of your NARFA Medical Plan. Here is some great info about the NARFA EAP and how it works.

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Managing Aging Parents

Conflict Resolution

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Managing Stress

Substance Use Awareness

Managing Depression

NARFA EAP Overview in Spanish

It’s confidential.

You can tell us anything.

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It’s voluntary.

You are under no obligation to participate.

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It’s professional.

Access a range of professional resources.

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It’s easy to get help.

Get connected.

Get referred to professional resources.

Address your challenges.

From family problems to alcohol.

You’re covered.

Your assistance is at least partially covered.

You’re safe.

Everything is 100% confidential.

Emotional & Mental Health

You’re going through a tough divorce and feeling depressed. Call EAP to get referred to a specialist who can help you with emotional problems and mental health.

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Personal Finances & Budgeting

You realize you’re buried in credit card debt, and you’re not sure how to get out. EAP can refer you to specialists who are experienced in tackling financial problems.

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Difficult Family Situations

Your teenage daughter has began abusing drugs, but you’re unsure how to confront her. EAP can direct you on how to get assistance to best help your family stabilize in this difficult time.

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