Many organizations look at Associations and think there is a high cost to join. This is not the case with NARFA.

In fact, the savings we provide in many of our programs, not to mention us easing much of your administrative burdens, saves you more than your cost of membership!

Here are some of the things we are proud to do for our member businesses:


NARFA takes great pride in being an advocate for our member businesses and their industries. We are dedicated to protecting and advancing the needs of your industry.

We work at the federal and state level advocate for issues that impact the automotive, roads, fuel, and related industries. We invite all of our members to stay in touch with us and help us shape and share our industries’ voice.


Our educational resources are extensive, and cover legislative updates, safety and loss control bulletins, regulatory and compliance notices, and much more.

We also produce eBooks, white papers, and aggregate research from other industry leaders to offer great insights to our member businesses.


Legislative Updates

Our bulletins feature updates on laws and regulations impacting the industry.

Safety Tips

Valuable tips and guidelines to help keep your employees safe and in compliance.

Briefs & Guides

Members-only briefs provide introductory overviews on industry issues to keep you up-to-date.