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Benefit with NARFA

Landscaping businesses with 5 or more vehicles on the road are eligible for NARFA membership and there has never been a better time to enjoy the benefits NARFA has to offer.

At NARFA, we understand the burden of rising costs, the challenges of the labor market, and that landscaping companies like yours are looking at solutions to offset costs while retaining and attracting talent. With NARFA, you’ll keep more money in your pocket and invest in your growth. Here’s how we can help your business:

  • NARFA members, regardless of their size, can access programs at negotiated rates typically only available to larger companies.
  • NARFA group buying power gives members significant savings on programs.
  • The NARFA Benefit Center offers human resources and administrative support, compliance expertise, navigation and enrollment, and much more.
  • The savings businesses get with NARFA programs is more than the cost of membership.
  • NARFA advocates for our industries at a local and national level

Exclusive NARFA programs for Landscape Companies

NARFA programs provide a unique combination of affordability and quality, granting both freedom and access. Plus, economies of scale make these exclusive offerings – unavailable on the open market or through brokers – even more attractive to those looking for cost-effective solutions.

Exclusive Health Plans Through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Workers Compensation in Massachusetts

Multiple Employer Pension Plan with Transamerica and Merrill Lynch

Integrated Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Voluntary Benefits

Dental Plans

Integrated Life Insurance

Helping your business thrive

At NARFA, Membership Matters

At NARFA, we’re not just another business association. We listen to our members and work tirelessly to find cost-effective solutions that help your business thrive in your community.


Our advocacy efforts ensure that your business needs are heard in legislation, and we use your input to empower our legislative voice. With NARFA, you have a partner in your corner that’s dedicated to your longevity and success.


For nearly a century, NARFA has existed for the health of our member businesses, and our average member stays with us 20 years or more.


We believe that business associations are stronger in numbers, and that’s why we connect you with other like-minded businesses networks to leverage buying power for everyone.


Our commitment to support means that we’re here to help, not sell you. As a member, you’ll gain access to exclusive programs and benefits designed to support your business growth.


Our NARFA Representatives work tirelessly to take the hassle out of navigating red tape and bureaucracy while ensuring your privacy, security, and compliance when enrolling in programs.


We’re strategic in everything we do, whether it’s choosing the right plans and programs for your business or using technology to streamline business processes.


We understand that savings matter. The savings you’ll get from exclusive NARFA programs is more than worth the cost of membership.

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