Benefits for Our Massachusetts NARFA Members

What Is NARFA?

NARFA is the National Automotive Roads Fuel Association

The Association is a unique combination of automotive-related businesses and roads, fuel and related lines working together as a group. We have the strength of a large association and the qualities of a personalized business. We are also a tax-exempt organization, as we perform trade association duties.

  • Regional Meetings
  • Industry Advocacy
  • Legislative Voice
  • Compliance
  • Educational Bulletins
  • Administrative Support and Back-Office Functions

Exclusive Member Programs Not Available On The Open Market

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The AICC is governed by a board so membership is managed and members have input into the program. We offer competitive Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation premiums. Historically, 30% of premiums collected have been returned to members in the form of dividends in addition to the upfront cost savings. For over 28 years, the Automotive Industries Compensation Corporation (sponsored by NARFA) has been a stable, profitable market for the automotive industry’s workers. Our Auto Industry Workers’ Compensation & Auto Dealer Workers’ Compensation programs provide Massachusetts members with a dedicated team of claims and nurse case managers, who know the automotive industry.

The AICC loss control program helps our Massachusetts policyholders reduce claims through safety and risk management information and services. Our goal is not only to serve the injured but also to prevent large claims via access to resources and proper training in workplace accident prevention. We are recognized nationally for our safety culture, and with a strictly managed membership, our self-insured group is all about, “the accident that never occurs” and ensuring a safe work environment for its valued employees.

Why Choose AICC for Workers’ Compensation Programs?

  • protect your MOD
  • control costs of workers’ compensation insurance
  • with increased medical costs, protection of the MOD means protection of your people
  • unlimited loss control services
  • workplace accident prevention programs
  • online access to claims
  • aggressive, real-time claims management
  • dedicated claims team for Auto Dealers & Auto Industry workers
  • competitive workers’ compensation premiums
  • front-end discounts of up to 3.5%
  • eligible for dividend program
  • 30% of premiums collected historically returned to members
  • governed by our board meaning members have input into the program