Safe Use of Compressed Gas Cylinders on the Job

2023-04-17T12:37:04-04:00December 13th, 2013|2013, Safety Tips|

If your workplace contains compressed gas, there are several hazards to consider to avoid a potentially dangerous workplace accident. Make sure you read all supplied documentation before handling. Labels on the cylinder and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) [...]

6 Simple Things You Can Do to Streamline Benefits Administration

2023-04-17T12:37:05-04:00November 27th, 2013|2013, Company News|

At NARFA we have a lot of experience in benefits administration services for companies of all sizes, therefore we understand the importance of maintaining a streamlined process. Staying efficient in the day-to-day tasks will free you to handle any [...]

Obamacare’s New Full Time

2023-04-17T12:37:06-04:00November 26th, 2013|2013, Health Care Reform|

Today while on the road, we saw some real evidence of the strain Obamacare may place on many businesses. Health Care Reform mandates require companies with 50 or more employees to offer health insurance to those working 30 hours [...]

Five Tips for Finding Affordable Dental Insurance

2023-04-17T12:37:07-04:00November 19th, 2013|2013, Employee Wellness Programs|

The impact of dental care on overall health is undeniable, so small businesses looking to cut down on healthcare costs are wise to seek out affordable dental insurance plans for their employees. The Affordable Care Act (ACA)  is making [...]

Obama Announces Change to Address Health Insurance Cancellations

2023-04-17T12:37:07-04:00November 15th, 2013|2013, Health Care Reform|

Here at NARFA we have been closely following the developments stemming from remarks made by President Obama today regarding the rough rollout of the Federal Health Insurance Exchanges as part of the Affordable Care Act and addressing potential health [...]

Impact of Workplace Wellness Programs and Incentives on Healthcare Costs

2023-04-17T12:37:08-04:00November 13th, 2013|2013, Employee Wellness Programs|

As a nation, and especially as business owners, we are confronted with a pressing predicament: What can we do to curb the unhealthy choices (i.e., poor diet and exercise habits) of our citizens in an effort to lessen future [...]