Employee Benefits Strategy: Sleep Better and Take Control of Your Health Insurance Costs | NARFA

2023-04-17T12:48:25-04:00December 13th, 2016|2016, Employee Benefits|

As health insurance deductibles rise, employers are offering workers special policies to help cover out-of-pocket costs. For many workers, paying for health care has become such a difficult budgeting exercise that the insurance industry is marketing additional products to [...]

Legislative Update: Congress Eliminates IRS Penalty on Employer Reimbursements for Health Insurance | NARFA

2023-10-27T12:21:05-04:00December 8th, 2016|2016, Employee Benefits Legislation|

You’re safe. For now. From this particular piece of legislation. 2017 is rapidly coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more legislative news pertaining to the Affordable Care Act and your taxes and potential penalties. However, [...]

Security Alert: Email Targets Employees of HIPAA Covered Entities & Their Business Associates | NARFA

2023-04-17T12:48:26-04:00December 5th, 2016|2016, Company News, Safety Tips|

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has become aware of a phishing email that is being circulated on mock HHS Departmental letterhead under the signature of the Office of Civil Rights' Director, Jocelyn Samuels. The email [...]

Workers Compensation and Opioid Abuse: A $1.5 Billion Issue | NARFA

2023-04-17T12:46:47-04:00November 22nd, 2016|2016, Workers Compensation|

Some of the most innovative approaches for fighting painkiller addiction among employees come from an unlikely source: the workers-compensation industry. Workplace injury is one of the main reasons doctors prescribe opioids, and dependence has become an expensive problem for [...]

Legislative Update: IRS Releases 2016 Updated Forms 1094 and 1095 ACA Reporting

2023-04-17T12:46:48-04:00October 12th, 2016|2016, Employee Benefits Legislation|

In 2015, new Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) employer reporting requirements relating to the PPACA went into effect. The IRS recently released updated and modified Forms for the 2016 filings that are due in 2017. You may recall from last [...]

Five Current Topics You Need To Know About Wage and Safety Laws for Workers | NARFA Blog

2023-04-17T12:46:49-04:00October 11th, 2016|2016, Workers Compensation|

  In the news recently, stories of exploitation of immigrant workers in the construction business generated widespread reaction from readers who are very interested in the issues facing workers these days, especially with new wage laws and other legislation. [...]

Remembering a Legend and His Ties to the Automotive Industry | NARFA Blog

2023-04-17T12:46:50-04:00October 6th, 2016|2016, Automotive Industry News|

The world of athletics has lost an important icon: Arnold Palmer, one of golf’s greatest players, passed away on Sunday, September 25, at the age of 87. Born on September 10, 1929, Palmer is renowned for his humble, approachable [...]