Your Guide to Employee Assistance Programs in New Hampshire

Employee Assistance Programs in New Hampshire

If you’re an employer in New Hampshire looking for an employee benefit program, NARFA is your answer. Whether you’re a business owner, employer or employee – we have the information for you to guide you along our employee benefit programs in New Hampshire.

Our work sponsored programs help your employees with depression, anxiety, stress, substance abuse, and relationship counseling. All of our employee assistant programs are confidential. Your employees can be confident in knowing no confidential information shared with Modern Assistance can be released without their written consent. Exceptions do include information in accordance with New Hampshire state laws when there is serious risk of harm to self or others, elder and/or child abuse.

As the owner of a company, let your employees know that treatment by an employee assistant program counselor is covered under Federal HIPAA regulations. Modern Assistance takes every precaution to ensure your employees confidential information is protected.

As a business owner in New Hampshire, For every dollar spent toward employee assistance programs, there is a huge return on investment. When you invest in an employee assistant program, the EAP is promoting wellness for the employee. When your employees are healthier – physically and mentally – your employees function better.

Benefits of Employee Assistance Programs in New Hampshire:

  • Reducing workplace absenteeism and unplanned absences
  • Decreasing workplace accidents
  • Lowering employee turnover and related replacement costs
  • Facilitating safe, timely and effective return-to-work for employees after short-term and extended
  • Reducing healthcare costs
  • Improving the value of organizational investments in wellness and health promotion, self-care
  • Increasing efficient use of health care through early identification, care management and recovery effort

It’s important for business owners to communicate with their employees about their employee assistance programs so they are being utilized! Here are some tips to ensure your Employee Assistance Programs in New Hampshire are being taken advantage of:

  1. Increase communication to employees about offerings
    • Provide brief overview of services to employees
    • Training opportunities
    • Internal communication with employers to employees
  2. Emphasize confidentiality
  3. Promote the important of wellness
    • Addressing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety
    • Substance abuse awareness

How an employee can utilize an Employee Assistance Programs in New Hampshire:

  • Confidential call to Modern Assistance
  • Walk-in for crisis situation
  • Clinician determines appropriate next steps for employee
    • Counseling
    • Treatment program
  • Release of information (ROI) can be signed when need to update employer

If you are interested in utilizing NARFA’s employee assistance programs, please call 1-800-258-5318.