NARFA has teamed up with Flyreel to provide its members with the ability to use this cutting-edge technology to conduct safety audits of their business.

Flyreel gives our NARFA & AICC members flexibility on how to conduct loss control audits with the convenience of their cell phone, which is especially important in the time of COVID-19. Flyreel is another great tool we are providing to our members to increase efficiency, mitigate risk, and protect our member businesses and their employees.

All of the Flyreel Inspections are geared to your particular industry so it captures the specific safety hazards associated with your type of work.

Pros of Flyreel:

  • Self Guided Inspections

  • Easy-to-Use

  • Convenient

  • Time Efficient

Flyreel is a state-of-the-art AI technology which guides NARFA and AICC members through effortless self-service workers compensation inspections of their business.

Flyreel makes it easy for members by using a familiar text messaging interface and the power of their smartphone’s camera coupled with Flyreel’s AI to do the heavy lifting.

Flyreel then compiles the data gathered during the directed inspection to formulate a summary report, which is then reviewed by the NARFA & AICC loss control team, who evaluate the report and see if any safety recommendations or follow-up visits are needed.

Total Workers Compensation Safety Coverage

At times, loss control consultants have limited or outdated information in order to properly manage workers compensation risk. Flyreel provides the most comprehensive, cost-effective, and timely data available for assessing ongoing workers compensation exposures. Using Flyreel, our safety team gains access to  exposures across our member’s business at an unprecedented scale, all while delivering an industry-leading customer experience. We provide the actionable data needed to identify workers compensation exposures and/or critical recommendations that were previously only attainable through in-person inspections.

The Flyreel Difference

Flyreel is the leader and the most effective self-service safety data capture available in today’s workers compensation industry. Our proprietary technology is setting the standard for actionable data, ensuring our members of a safe work environment for their employees. NARFA and the AICC are committed to continuous innovation based on our member’s needs.