Introducing MyMedicalShopper

MyMedicalShopper will help you understand medical pricing.

What is MyMedicalShopper?

MyMedicalShopper is a revolutionary healthcare comparison shopping platform. We make shopping for medical tests and procedures as easy as a Google search, unleashing billions in savings on healthcare costs.

Become an empowered consumer and never overpay for healthcare again.

Why MyMedicalShopper?

Because prices paid for medical tests and procedures by insured patients vary wildly across healthcare providers, even in the same town! As patients, we often pay 5x or 10x more than we have to, simply because we don’t have the ability to shop for our medical care. This leads to higher out-of-pocket costs, and in turn, higher health insurance premiums

Who Should Use the MyMedicalShopper?

Everyone! We estimate that our users saved over 30% on their out-of-pocket medical expenses last year. Employers who provide MyMedicalShopper as a benefit are taking a proactive step towards sustainable reductions in long-term healthcare costs. For employers who already have high deductibles or health savings accounts (HSAs), MyMedicalShopper will help your employees save money, and even lead to decreases in health insurance premiums

How much can I really save?

We have a comprehensive suite of products that help reduce employers’ total healthcare costs while improving employee benefits.

How to use MyMedicalShopper

We want you to control your health care spending by knowing how much you will pay before you get there!

Keep an eye out for the MyMedicalShopper email and follow the link that says “Get started with your premium account”

That link will send you to a page where you can set your MMS password.

Don’t forget to download the app for your mobile device.

Link your NARFA Health Plan with a Health Savings Account

Enter NARFA credentials

Click “Search Medical Procedures” to start searching

Still Need Help?

It is time for transparency in health care, and for you to know where and how to spend your money.