In the dynamic world of the automotive, roads, and fuel sectors, trade associations play a critical role in supporting businesses to navigate the complexities of the industry. NARFA exemplifies this support, adhering to best practices that have been refined since our founding in 1929.

Understanding the Needs of Industry Members

A cornerstone of NARFA’s success is its deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities its members face. This insight allows NARFA to offer targeted support that drives real value for businesses, from small operations to larger companies.

Offering Exclusive, Competitive Benefits

NARFA’s commitment to best practices is evident in its procurement of exclusive, competitively-priced employee benefits and custom retirement plans. By negotiating rates typically reserved for larger corporations, NARFA levels the playing field, allowing all members to offer quality benefits to their employees.

Empowering Businesses Through Group Buying Power

Utilizing the collective strength of its membership, NARFA provides significant savings through group buying power. This approach ensures that businesses of all sizes can access the best possible rates, maximizing their investment in membership.

Providing Comprehensive Support with the NARFA Benefit Center

The NARFA Benefit Center is a testament to the association’s dedication to comprehensive support. It offers a range of services, including HR support and compliance expertise, ensuring that members have the resources they need to thrive.

Advocating for Member Interests

NARFA’s advocacy efforts are a key aspect of its support for businesses. By representing the industries at local and national levels, NARFA ensures that the concerns and needs of its members are heard in the halls of power.

Ensuring Membership Value Surpasses Cost

A central tenet of NARFA’s best practices is the assurance that the value of membership exceeds its cost. Through a combination of savings, services, and support, NARFA delivers a net gain that benefits its members’ bottom lines.

Why Choose NARFA 

Choosing NARFA is choosing a partner committed to best practices in trade association management. From exclusive health plans and HSAs to integrated life insurance and employee assistance programs, NARFA’s offerings are designed to empower businesses and their workforces.

Strengthening Industry Through Best Practices

NARFA’s approach to supporting businesses is rooted in a commitment to best practices that have stood the test of time. By focusing on the needs of its members and continuously adapting to the evolving landscape, NARFA remains a pillar for businesses in the automotive, roads, and fuel sectors. Join NARFA today!

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