In this piece, we’ll examine a real-life workplace accident and what could have been done to prevent it from occurring, in hopes of preventing further accidents such as this.

An auto mechanic from New Bedford, MA was seriously injured in an accident at a local car dealership.

Police said a 23-year-old man was in a service bay the dealership when he was struck by a car being driven into the dealership for detailing work.

Authorities said a 19-year-old man, who works as a detailer for a contractor for the dealership, was driving the car. It hit a wall, then a hydraulic lift and then the victim.

The detailer was cited for driving without a license. The mechanic was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Ways to prevent motor vehicle injury within the detailing department:

  • At the outside portion of the detailing bay install a STOP sign. This will have the vehicle stop before entering the bay to ensure that no employee is in the cars path.
  • Have any cars entering the detailing bay to beep before entering. This can give any employee in the area a warning that a car is going to be pulling through.
  • Install a temporary chain or magnetic ribbon along the front of the detailing bay to prevent a vehicle from just driving in. It also alerts the operator of the vehicle that a person is working in the bay.

We work hard to instill a strong safety culture for our members, and have a great track record of doing so. To learn more, contact us today!

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