“Thirteen other employees and patrons were treated at hospitals after being exposed to a toxic mix of cleaning agents at a Massachusetts location, the authorities said. The episode occurred after a restaurant employee mixed an acidic detergent called Scale Kleen with a bleach-like cleaner sold as Super 8 to clean the kitchen floor, causing a chemical reaction, the authorities said”.

This news story highlights the importance of having a Hazardous Communication Program for chemicals in the workplace.  Many businesses have workers who are exposed to hazardous chemicals on a regular basis, and need to have the right safety protocols in place.

6 Steps to Ensure an Effective Hazardous Communication Program:

  • Know the standard and identify who will manage it
  • Prepare and implement a written plan
  • Ensure all chemical containers are labeled
  • Maintain your safety data sheets
  • Inform and train all employees
  • Evaluate and reassess your program

Criteria of “Right to Know Training” for employees:

  • What are the health hazards of a chemical
  • How to handle and store chemicals
  • How to prevent exposure to chemicals.
  • Employees’ rights and employers’ duties under the law

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