At NARFA we have a lot of experience in benefits administration services for companies of all sizes, therefore we understand the importance of maintaining a streamlined process. Staying efficient in the day-to-day tasks will free you to handle any unexpected challenges that come up.

Here are six tips we employ to make our benefit administration services work smoothly and efficiently:

#1: Keep records organized

This may sound pretty basic, but it is absolutely essential to keep your information well organized. Make it a top priority to keep employee information, benefit details and account numbers easily accessible and conveniently located – whether you use a paper or digital filing system.

#2: Take advantage of benefit plan tools

Many benefit providers have useful tools like calculators and employee polls on their websites for benefit plan administrators. Use these tools to cut down on time spent gathering information and calculating benefit details.

#3: Find the right balance of services and savings

No one knows your company like you do. Use your knowledge to choose benefit plans that will best serve your employees, and you can avoid wasting time keeping track of unnecessary or unused benefits.

#4: Schedule time for questions

Clearly explain company benefits to your employees up front, and provide a regular time and place that they can come to you with additional questions. Scheduling time for benefit administration questions will cut down on frequent interruptions scattered throughout the week.

#5: Stay aware of the market

Spend some time each day staying on top of industry news (such as those posted on the NARFA blog), so you know when important changes occur. This will also make you aware of new plans or programs that could reduce costs or add more value to your employees and your company

#6: Keep key contacts handy

Have one place that you keep a list of key contacts for each benefit you administer for your company. Hunting down the appropriate person to ask when you have a question can be a big drain on your time.

NARFA can help you streamline your benefit administration systems and ease the burden on your team. We handle almost all administration of your employee benefits. Learn more about our Benefit Administration Services.

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