Build healthy practices into your daily routine

Eat breakfast

An empty stomach can’t maintain stable blood sugar levels. Without stable blood sugar we tend to gain weight as we grab for pastries, donuts and other less healthy choices. Start your day with a breakfast that stabilizes blood sugar with healthy sources of protein, fat and whole grain, fiber-rich carbohydrates.

Be mindful

Mindful eating means paying attention to when you’re tempted to reach for the first available “comfort” food. Take charge of your choices. Try meditation, yoga, listening to music or creating a personal ritual such as preparing and drinking tea.

Pack a lunch

Avoid takeout lunches, which tend to be expensive, oversized, heavy in fat and calories, and lacking in nutrients. Lunch is a great opportunity to make healthier eating habits. Bring a salad with chicken, nuts, beans and veggies.

Move more

Just a few steps at a time can add up. Walk to the water cooler, take the farthest spot in the parking lot — anything you can do to move your muscles. Better yet, schedule a workout. Physical activity can help offset stress and help you make better nutritional choices.

Eat with a friend

Try not to eat at your workstation unless you have to. It’s important from a productivity standpoint to take a break. Chat with a friend or catch up on a book while eating your lunch.



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