Employee Wellness Programs

The Convenience of Telehealth: Is it Right for You?

2024-02-12T17:47:33-05:00February 6th, 2024|2024, Employee Wellness Programs, Health Care, Wellness|

Remember struggling for appointments, battling traffic, and waiting in stuffy exam rooms? Telehealth, the magic of healthcare delivered virtually, is changing the game! What is Telehealth? Imagine connecting with your doctor through a secure video call or chat instead [...]

Getting Your Company Safety Policies to Work: Tips & Tricks for Employee Safety Training Success

2023-10-05T13:13:47-04:00October 4th, 2023|2023, Employee Wellness Programs, Safety Tips|

Imagine you’ve developed a series of company safety policies and programs, but as a small business owner, you aren’t certain how to communicate them to your employees. This is a huge stumbling block for many organizations—and it can hinder [...]

Direct and Indirect Costs of Workplace Injury

2023-10-05T13:13:04-04:00August 29th, 2023|2023, Employee Wellness Programs|

Workplace Injury Costs When workplace injuries occur, it’s easy to see the immediate and direct costs, but there are a multitude of ongoing and indirect costs that should also be taken into account. Indirect costs can be three to [...]

How to Create an Effective Company Safety Committee

2023-10-05T13:13:08-04:00July 18th, 2023|2023, Employee Wellness Programs, Safety Tips|

Creating a culture of safety within a workplace begins and ends with the implementation of a quality company safety committee. Businesses both large and small utilize these committees to communicate company safety policies, reinforce company safety protocol, and educate [...]

The Rise of Self-Insured Health Plans in the Trucking Industry

2023-11-27T13:10:43-05:00June 1st, 2023|Benefits Administration, Employee Benefits, Employee Wellness Programs|

The trucking industry faces unique challenges when it comes to health insurance. With a highly mobile workforce operating in an environment of rising healthcare costs, traditional insurance models can often fall short. Enter self-insured health plans—a solution that's gaining [...]

Do You Need an Annual Checkup? Here is Some Advice About Visiting Your Doctor

2023-04-17T11:10:10-04:00February 20th, 2023|2023, Employee Benefits, Employee Wellness Programs, Health Care, Wellness|

Do you need an annual checkup? From blood work to a complete physical exam, many patients want the works. But, what’s really necessary each year? A group of physicians has some surprising – and practical — advice. Instead of [...]

5 Tips to Meet OSHA Requirements for Employee Injury or Illness

2023-04-17T11:12:10-04:00October 14th, 2022|2022, Employee Wellness Programs, Safety Tips|

Every year, nearly five million workers experience an occupational injury or illness on the job, and it is an employer’s responsibility in these cases to meet OSHA requirements. More than half of these injuries and illnesses are severe enough [...]

EEOC Provides Proposed Wellness Rules

2023-04-17T11:25:22-04:00January 18th, 2021|2021, Benefits Administration, Employee Benefits, Employee Benefits Legislation, Employee Wellness Programs, Legislative News, Wellness|

On January 7, 2021, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) released two notices of proposed rulemaking (“NPRMs”) on wellness programs under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (“GINA”). Briefly, if finalized in their [...]

Awareness and Education: Substance Use Disorder

2023-04-17T11:26:35-04:00September 8th, 2020|2020, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Employee Wellness Programs, Wellness|

Awareness and education are crucial to understanding ways to prevent and effectively treat substance use disorders. What Is Substance Use Disorder? SAMHSA has created a Family Brochure for family members of people living with substance use disorders. It answers questions about [...]