The trucking industry faces unique challenges when it comes to health insurance. With a highly mobile workforce operating in an environment of rising healthcare costs, traditional insurance models can often fall short. Enter self-insured health plans—a solution that’s gaining traction within the trucking sector. Since 1929, NARFA is at the helm, guiding businesses through this evolution with expertise and tailored support.

Navigating the Shift

Why are self-insured health plans on the rise? For many in the trucking industry, the answer lies in control and customization. Self-insurance gives businesses the ability to tailor their health plans to the specific needs of their drivers and staff, potentially leading to better health outcomes and cost savings.

NARFA’s Role in Empowering Businesses

NARFA empowers trucking companies to confidently transition to self-insured plans. Leveraging nearly 100 years of industry experience, NARFA provides access to exclusive rates and programs that support self-insurance strategies. These programs offer the affordability and quality that businesses need to sustainably manage their employee health benefits.

Group Buying Power: A Game Changer

A significant advantage of partnering with NARFA is the group buying power it affords its members. Even smaller companies with fleets of just five or more vehicles can access negotiated rates usually only available to larger entities. This collective approach can make self-insured plans a viable option for more businesses, democratizing access to these cost-effective solutions.

Beyond Savings: Comprehensive Support and Advocacy

NARFA’s offerings go beyond financial benefits. The comprehensive HR support and compliance expertise provided are invaluable, ensuring that trucking companies navigate the complex landscape of self-insured health plans with ease. Furthermore, NARFA’s advocacy on both local and national levels ensures that the interests of the trucking industry are well-represented in broader health policy discussions.

A Partner for the Road Ahead

For trucking businesses considering a shift to a self-insured model, NARFA stands ready as a partner. The association’s commitment to empowering businesses and enhancing benefits is unwavering, as is its pride in being a robust pillar of support in the US trade association space.

Conclusion: Charting a Healthier Future

As the trucking industry continues to grow, the need for adaptable, cost-effective health insurance solutions grows with it. Self-insured health plans are rising to meet this need, offering control, customization, and cost savings. With NARFA’s guidance, trucking businesses can navigate this shift and chart a healthier future for their workforce. Join us today. 

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