Legislative Update: Federal judge upholds Trump’s expansion of non-ObamaCare plans

2019-07-22T10:08:49-04:00July 22nd, 2019|Employee Benefits, Employee Benefits Legislation, Legislative News, Small Business Health Insurance|

A federal judge on Friday upheld the Trump administration's expansion of health insurance plans that don't meet ObamaCare's coverage requirements. U.S. District Judge Richard Leon in Washington ruled against the insurance companies that sued the administration in an attempt to [...]

Your Health: 4 Tips to Choosing the Right Doctor

2019-07-15T12:49:27-04:00July 15th, 2019|Employee Benefits, Small Business Health Insurance|

Choosing a doctor is an important part of your health and well-being. Whether it’s a primary care doctor or a specialist, the right doctor can serve as your confidante, advisor and partner in maintaining your good health. Here are [...]

How to Use MyMedicalShopper to Save on Healthcare Costs

2018-10-15T12:02:50-04:00October 15th, 2018|Small Business Health Insurance|

Think you’re paying too much for healthcare? You probably are. Did you know that anytime you get a medical test or procedure, you’re likely paying five to ten times higher than is necessary? Just as frustrating (and just plain [...]

Need to Know: Federal Laws that Affect Employers

2018-09-18T13:00:00-04:00September 18th, 2018|Employee Benefits Legislation, Small Business Health Insurance|

As many employers know, there are a variety of federal laws that impact the workplace.  Federal law imposes responsibilities on employers which they should regularly review for compliance.  Even well-known laws are frequently updated by regulation, without legislative action.  [...]

Legislative Update: The Latest on Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

2018-07-27T12:00:00-04:00July 27th, 2018|Employee Benefits Legislation, Small Business Health Insurance|

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives adopted two health care bills, H.R. 6199 and H.R. 6311, that expand tax-advantaged health care accounts, including Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs). Previous versions of [...]

How the new AHP rule changes will transform small businesses

2018-07-23T12:00:00-04:00July 23rd, 2018|Small Business Health Insurance|

With more than half of U.S. workers leaving their current job in search of better pay and benefits, a compelling benefits package is a critical competitive advantage for small businesses. It allows them to stand apart from companies of [...]

Some Reasons Why We Like Health Savings Accounts Better than 401(K) Plans

2017-10-12T12:00:00-04:00October 12th, 2017|Small Business Health Insurance|

Most people don’t think about an HSA, or Health Savings Accounts, as a savings account. Instead, they think of it as an account where you set aside money to spend on health care items during the current year. That [...]

Is Self-Insuring Your Small Business Health Insurance The Right Option for You?

2017-09-05T12:00:00-04:00September 5th, 2017|Small Business Health Insurance|

As we transition into more uncertainty surrounding the health care law and what new legislation may or may not do, we always look for ways to help small businesses stay ahead of the curve when it comes to their employee [...]

No Solution in Sight For Small Business Health Insurance: Some Facts You Should Know

2017-08-01T12:00:00-04:00August 1st, 2017|Small Business Health Insurance|

One thing many small business owners would agree on is that the current health insurance landscape is terrible for small business. Small businesses struggle to provide benefits, and usually pay more for less coverage. Despite several attempts at a [...]