If you’re a grown-up and on any kind of budget, you’re familiar with the drill: When you’re in the market for a big-ticket necessity like a house or a car, you follow a certain process. You research and determine your target price; you talk to experts like your Real Estate agent or mechanic; and you shop around for the best deal. Once you find something that’s just right at that just-right price, it’s likely you’ll negotiate to get that price just a little lower.

But when it comes to that big-ticket necessity known as healthcare, the process is different. Instead of comparison shopping and haggling, you often end up scheduling a test or procedure without knowing up front just how much it’s going to cost.

Chances are it will end up costing you far more than it should. Even those with good insurance feel the pinch, with the typical test or procedure costing five to ten times more than necessary. This leads to both higher out-of-pocket costs and higher premiums.

What’s more, costs can vary widely among providers and health institutions in the same town, not just from state to state.

As you know, these health care costs to the consumer have a direct impact on how much it costs you to insure your employees.

Take Control – For Your Business and Your Employees

This is where MyMedicalShopper comes in: This revolutionary platform is bringing comparison shopping to healthcare, making shopping for medical tests and procedures as easy as a Google search.

In one example, a recent search for the same orthopedic procedure in a small New Hampshire town yielded three different in-network costs, with one nearly triple the price of the others: $541, $556 and – get this – $1497.

MyMedicalShopper is about putting the power in the hands of healthcare consumers – you and your employees – to compare providers and services and choose the option that’s best for them. MyMedicalShopper is available with NARFA Health Plans featuring Health Savings Accounts.

So, Who Can Get Access to MyMedicalShopper?

NARFA Health Plans with Health Savings Accounts come with MyMedicalShopper! We provide MyMedicalShopper as a benefit, helping you and your employees control health care costs and sustain long-term cost reductions.

Users who tried MyMedicalShopper saved more than 30% on out-of-pocket medical expenses. These savings lead to decreases in health insurance premiums – something virtually unheard of in these times of ever-increasing healthcare costs.

Please contact us today to learn more about our programs and our powerful association!

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