Many states are putting together strategies for re-opening and allowing people to return to work. However, there are sure to be strict guidelines as it pertains to easing the restrictions on individuals and businesses.

The plateau of COVID-19 cases might be occurring in many areas, but measures must be taken to prevent additional spreading and outbreaks of COVID-19. States such as Kentucky, Ohio, areas of Massachusetts, and New Hampshire have all put in place measures to enforce masks being work in public places and in the workplace.

Kentucky’s Governor Andy Beshear said, “If a business is not masking well then that can be grounds ultimately to temporarily shut down that business,” he said.

In Massachusetts, several cities and towns have instituted fines for up to $300 for people not wearing masks in public.

Ohio has mandated that face coverings be worn at all times upon returning to work, increased placement of hand sanitizers, maintaining at least 6 feet in distance between individuals, and in some cases a daily symptom assessment test for employees.

What we do know right now is that masks will become essential for employees returning to work. Also, it will be recommended that people have on masks in public places, and that many businesses will be at liberty to turn away customers who do not have a mask.

Here’s a list of some potential mandates:

  • Face coverings are required
  • Daily symptom assessment test for employees
  • Increased focus on hand washing and general hygiene
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of workplaces / work spaces throughout the day
  • Limiting of capacity to meet social distancing guidelines (could include maximum capacity of 50% of fire code and use of appointment setting to limit congestion)
  • Food courts / cafeterias remain closed
  • Specify hours for at-risk populations (elderly, etc)

Please keep checking our COVID-19 resources page for additional information as things continue to develop.

NARFA Return to Work Checklist

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