Joining a professional, industry-specific trade association is a very wise investment in your business. At NARFA, we are committed to bringing all of our automotive, roads, and fuel industry members incredible value. And now, at a time when many businesses are cutting programs, costs, and more, NARFA is offering its members more! Each year, we build on our great programs and add more resources to help our members focus on what they do best.

Here are just some of the benefits that you receive when you join a trade association like NARFA:

1. Resources for Education

A trade association focused specifically on the automotive, roads, and fuel industry offers one place to get industry resources and professional development materials. NARFA sorts through many online articles and trade publications and brings you the most relevant news and insights for improving your business. NARFA also holds regular webinars covering important topics pertaining to labor and employment, legal issues, finance, industry news, and much more.

2. Legislative Representation

Chances are, while you’re running your business you don’t have time (or adequate resources) to advocate for legislation on behalf of your business. Joining NARFA empowers you with representation by a group with the same interests, advocating for the automotive, roads, and fuel industries. Your business succeeds when your industry succeeds.

3. Cost Savings

The larger the group in a benefit plan, the more buying power a group has. One of the most tangible trade association benefits is saving money on insurance costs. But in joining NARFA, not only will you benefit from lower insurance and benefit premiums, you’ll be able to take advantage of many other exclusive programs such as health insurance, short and long term disability, and much more.

4. Industry News and Research

By pooling resources, a trade association is able to investigate industry news and conduct research that members can access. NARFA stays on top of the changes in health insurance regulation and compliance and breaks down how these changes apply specifically to your industry.

5. Network of Industry Leaders

A trade association offers valuable industry networking. It’s important to have contacts in your field and a network of leaders in businesses that are similar to yours. With the insider benefits gained in your trade association, you are set to become an industry leader yourself, thereby growing your reputation and your business.

Backed with the large existing membership base of our association, your business is more secure and you are a smarter business leader. Contact us about becoming a member and start reaping these benefits and more today!

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