Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are a benefit many employers offer, but few people actually take advantage of the services and solutions offered. For example, EAP programs offer confidential information, support, and referral services to help you maximize your productivity and meet the challenges of modern life. This includes help with topics such as substance abuse, stress, family issues, personal finance, career resources, and much more.

The NARFA EAP Program exists to help employees who need help in resolving issues that affect their work performance and/or personal lives. While a strong EAP program has many components, we’ve identified 5 critical parts of an employee assistance program for you.

5 Critical Parts of an Employee Assistance Program:

  • 24/7 phone response. Seek out providers that have trained counselors on duty answering a toll-free phone line at all times. Avoid EAPs that require users to navigate an elaborate phone tree before reaching a counselor.
  • Confidential services. Licensed, professional counselors should deliver assessments and face-to-face counseling sessions in safe, private and confidential offices. Make sure there are enough counselors in your area to deliver timely services in both urgent and nonurgent cases.
  • Referral support and follow-up. The EAP should assist employees by providing referrals for long-term or specialized care based on assessed needs, recommended treatment and employees’ financial resources. The EAP should provide follow-up and ongoing support for employees.
  • Crisis intervention. Will EAP counselors come to your facility if there’s an emergency, such as an incident of workplace violence? Good EAPs can provide counseling for traumatized employees. They can also help management coordinate emergency-response plans.
  • Substance abuse expertise. Given their disproportionately great impact on the workplace, drug and alcohol abuse problems often represent the bulk of EAP cases.

Communication and educating employees about their benefits is a key to any successful employee benefit program. EAP Programs are designed to help employers manage everyday issues that fall beyond the scope of health insurance, disability, or other products. Employers can avoid absenteeism, lost productivity, loss of morale, and much more with a strong EAP program.

Contact us today to learn more about how our programs not only save our members money, but protect member employees and their businesses. Since 1929 NARFA has been a symbol of strength for hundreds of businesses and we are proud of our 99% retention rate. Let us go to work for you today!



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