One of the key pieces of legislation that Colorado Democrats promised this year at the state capitol is in danger of leaving the building.

Paid family and medical leave lost two of its Democratic cosponsors, to the surprise of its prime sponsor.

Sen. Faith Winter (D-Westminster) found out on Sunday night that Sen. Angela Williams (D-Denver) and Sen. Monica Duran (D-Wheat Ridge) were backing out as sponsors, leaving Winter and Rep. Matt Gray (D-Thornton).

The legislation would have required businesses to offer their employees paid time off for family and medical reasons.

Under the legislation that was being drafted, businesses with 20 or more employees would need to offer this by 2022. Employees that have worked longer than six months would be eligible. It would have been paid for either by the business, by the business splitting the cost with the employee similar to health insurance, or by having the employees foot the cost of the fee themselves.

It would have provided 90% wage replacement.

By 2025, employees would be eligible for 10 weeks instead of eight, and then in 2027, it would ratchet up to 12 weeks.


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