Small Business Health Insurance Is Continually More Complicated: How You Can Find the Solution to Serve Your Employees and Your Bottom Line Best

Your small business is one of the most important parts of the U.S. economy. You help generate new jobs. You stimulate and strengthen your local community. And you are an engine for steady progress. But as you know, you are also only as strong as your workforce is healthy.

Today, managing the health and health insurance options for your small business is a crucial component to any company’s success. But the landscape of small business health insurance can be difficult to navigate.

Small Business Health Insurance: The Complications

Complicated by new ACA regulations that mandate Essential Health Benefits, small businesses entering the 2015 fiscal year are tasked with several new fees and taxes that raise their small business health insurance costs.

Unfortunately, trying to understand and respond to these new regulations can be not only be daunting, they can be downright distracting. The more energy you put into finding the right small business health insurance plans, the less time you spend focused on your company output. This can hurt your bottom line, and worse, you still might not choose the plan that suites you and your employee’s needs best.

So, small businesses continue to ask, “How will we survive with all these rising health care costs?”

Here’s your answer:

The Best Small Business Health Insurance Solution: NARFA

Choosing the best small business health insurance is about more than being compliant—it is about strengthening your company and your employees for the future. Luckily, At the NARFA trade association, we know this better than most.

At NARFA, we are made up of hundreds of small businesses and we have spent over 90 years supporting the health of small businesses nationwide. Working hard to provide the best possible health insurance rates and plan designs, NARFA knows how to respond to regulations set forth by the ACA. Specifically, we provide your business with the smartest buying power—buying power created by strength in numbers, and supported by our team of advisors, representatives, and leaders who know this industry best.

NARFA is proud to have one of the longest running and most successful private health insurance exchanges in the country. Our exchange and purchasing cooperative is built for YOU. NARFA specializes in the health benefit needs for small business and has done most of the work for you.

At NARFA, our offerings include:

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Full Medical Benefits from One of the Nation’s Largest Carriers
  • Lower Premiums
  • Full Dental and Vision
  • Freedom of Provider Access
  • Affordable Care Act Compliant Health Plans
  • NARFA Rewards Wellness Program
  • Dedicated Call Center
  • Full COBRA Administration

NARFA has a long history of success, and we continue to be a dynamic trade association—highly adaptive in order to protect your employees and your business. In the ever-changing world of employee benefits, we are the solution. We are an organization that exists not to simply turn a profit, but to serve up success and strength for our members.

Please contact us to join our team to adapt and move forward with the rest of us.

And don’t forget to visit our blog too—we are always sharing helpful hints, tricks, and tips about business and estate planning, health and wellness, healthcare reform, industry and legislative news, safety tips, and more.

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