As the nation’s attention continues to shift toward the benefits of preventative health care, so too will the nation’s businesses—both large and small—continue to enlist workplace wellness programs as part of employee benefits packages, designed expressly to increase employee productivity and decrease company healthcare costs.

But what exactly is a workplace wellness program?

Simply put, it is a program that an employee or their dependent can enroll in to earn rewards for achieving continued wellness. This is considered an employee benefit, and specifically encourages and makes available wellness incentives within the workplace—such as discounts, cash rewards, and gym memberships.

Some examples of wellness programs, according to, include programs to help you stop smoking, diabetes management programs, weight loss programs, and preventative health screenings.

But no matter how you slice it, here are the top 3 ways a workplace wellness program can benefit your company, starting today:

 1.     Healthy Employees = Potential Cost Savings

What CEO wouldn’t want his/her employees to be healthy individuals? The answer is very few. Today, half of U.S. employers now offer wellness programs, according to a recent study. But in addition to fostering a healthy workforce, wellness programs can also provide your company with strategic advantages because it allows you to invest money in a program that can bring you lowered expenses in return, including:

  • Fewer medical claim costs
  • Fewer hiring expenses due to less employee turnover
  • Fewer workers’ compensation claim costs

 2.     Healthy Employees = Better Productivity

Exercise and wellness are proven to help make people happier, and a happy and healthy employee is less apt to call in sick to work and more likely to produce while on the clock.

While anecdotal in nature, an employee enrolled in a wellness program may be more satisfied with his/her job; may have an easier time concentrating; and will likely be less stressed–which, according to this report, leads to an increase in productivity and higher employee retention rates.

 3.     Healthy Employees = Increased Morale

Since employees are essentially the backbone of any business, no matter the size, it only makes sense that having healthy employees with good morale within the workplace will help a company achieve success. Having a number of employees within the workplace all striving toward the same healthy living and wellness goals can also create a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. And when a company is recognized for its wellness and overall healthy morale, it in turn will help that business attract top talent.

Employee Benefits - Workplace Wellness Programs

At NARFA, we believe company productivity, growth, and employee health are interdependent. As such, we are proud to be known as a leader in developing wellness programs that offer Rewards for Staying Well and directly increase productivity and decrease healthcare costs. Using
a data-driven approach, our team of clinical, pharmacy, public health, actuarial, and communications professionals work with you to develop a wellness program and employee benefits that suit your needs.

To learn more about how NARFA can help implement a workplace wellness program within your automotive, fuel, and/or roads related business, contact us today! Or, if you’re already an NARFA subscriber or dependent (over age 19), you are eligible to begin participating in the NARFA employee benefits program that rewards you for working toward wellness. Learn more here!

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