Employee wellness and wellness programs have become a huge topic when discussing employee benefit plans, as overall wellness plays a huge role in many aspects of workplace culture. Employees are typically pleased to see their employer offering ways to keep an overall healthier workforce and in many cases, a customized program for a given population.

Wellness programs, when done right, should vary between companies, industries, and even geographically. A successful program takes into account the characteristics of a given population and is built according to what preventative services are needed along with condition-specific programs such as diabetes, obesity, smoking and much more.

Managing a wellness program can be easy, especially with the right partner. For example, some companies have a specific person in charge of managing the program, while others outsource the management to a third party. NARFA provides complete administrative support for all employee benefit programs and closely monitors utilization, trends, and much more.

A strong wellness program not only rewards people who are healthy, but also helps to encourage those who are in need of a more holistic approach as factors ranging from physical health to mental health, financial stress, and much more. Programs that are easily integrated into a wellness program such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are becoming more important in helping to manage an individual’s overall health. Overall health should be addressed on multiple levels.

Technology tools are also being used to engage employees by giving them access to their health information at all times. Mobile devices also have platforms built in focusing on the individual, helping to collect data and track the individual to maintain high engagement and also educate users on the impacts of their behaviors.

As wellness programs become more popular, it is very important to put in place programs designed to educate and engage employees to make healthy choices with their lives. NARFA offers an exceptional Wellness Rewards Program custom tailored for our membership. The utilization of the program is strong, as we offer the opportunity for individuals enrolled in our health insurance program the opportunity to participate and earn money back for healthy behaviors. Each year, the NARFA team evaluates the program, and makes changes (if necessary) to maintain the member employees are indeed the focus of this program. As with employee benefits as a whole, one size does NOT fit all for wellness programs and we want to work with our members to ensure best in class programs and services.

Please contact us to earn more about NARFA programs and to find out how you can become a part of an powerful association. Since 1929 NARFA has provided support and stability for our members in the automotive, roads, fuel, and related industries. The numbers tell the story – a 99% retention rate and continued growth demonstrates the great health of the association.



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