Many people look to start the New Year off with goals pertaining to overall wellness and health and fitness. Here at NARFA, we offer a comprehensive Wellness Rewards Program with our own goal of keeping our members’ employees healthy and productive.

A 2015 survey of over 400 employers by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 80 percent of respondents currently offer wellness resources and information, while 5 percent plan to offer the benefit in the next 12 months.

Over the past several years, there has been a remarkable increase in health and lifestyle coaching, smoking cessation programs and incentives or bonuses for employees who participate in fitness programs or complete health assessments. Employers are finding that wellness programs are helping not only to encourage their employees to be healthier, but they also create a sense of community within their organizations.

In addition to wellness programs, employers offer other options focused on well-being, including emotional and financial. For example, NARFA offers members a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to address issues affecting their work and personal lives.

Philip Healy, the Executive Director of NARFA believes “We must invest in programs and incentives that show the employees that we are committed to providing the tools and programs to keep them healthy. Our hope that the individual will show an interest in healthy behaviors and positive lifestyle changes. There are very simple things individuals can do such as receiving an annual physical that can increase the ROI for a business.”

Employers get healthier and more productive, as employees miss work less often while decreasing insurance costs. They see and feel the health benefits, and many times they receive financial incentives for participating in the plan. Employees also perceive the benefit as evidence the employers genuinely care for their collective well-being. That positive feeling aids in employee retention, yet another benefit to the employer.

The NARFA Wellness Rewards program provides an opportunity for individuals to earn money for working towards their wellness. As we begin the year, we always encourage membership and their employees to step up and start with their online health risk assessment in the first 90 days of the year. 

We believe that “good health is good business” and we work hard to provide the best programs to keep our members engaged in their health. Educating individuals about their benefits is a large part of engagement and participation, and we believe in consistent outreach to ensure high utilization and a proactive approach to health management.

Here’s to a great 2016, and please contact us to learn more about our programs and how we can work with you towards better health!




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