Connecticut has adopted new family and medical leave (CT FMLA) regulations. While the updated regulations primarily incorporate the changes to the law that took effect on January 1, 2022, they also create new notice requirements, described below.

According to the Connecticut Department of Labor (CT DOL) website, the regulations will be retroactive to January 1, 2022. If an employee took CT FMLA leave since January 1, 2022, we recommend providing the notices now. You can review the regulations here.

Note that CT FMLA is distinct from CT paid family and medical leave, although the two will often run concurrently.

General Notice
Employers must provide employees with written notice of their rights and obligations under CT FMLA upon hire. This notice can be distributed electronically, and the CT DOL provides a sample notice here.

Eligibility and Rights and Responsibilities Notice
Employers must provide an employee with a written notice regarding their eligibility and their rights and responsibilities. This must be provided within five business days of when the employee requests CT FMLA leave or when the employer has enough information to know that the employee’s leave might qualify for CT FMLA. The CT DOL has provided a template form here.

Designation Notice
Employers must also provide an employee with written notice of whether a leave will be designated as CT FMLA leave within five business days of knowing whether the leave qualifies. The CT DOL has provided a template form here.

Action Items

  • Add a CT Family Medical Leave Act notice to your new-hire paperwork.
  • Revise your leave administration process to ensure that you provide the Eligibility Notice and Designation Notice to employees within the required timeframes.
  • If 10 percent or more of your workforce can’t read English, provide the notices in a language the employee can read, as required by the regulations.

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